Covid 19 Stay safe (We work together)

Covid 19 guidelines when R Pro Decorators is working
Customer are Responsible for their own safety and well being, R Pro Decorators wants everyone to be safe, we can

  • Please can all customers please where a mask on any site visits or coming close to someone from R Pro decorators
  • Only carry out work, if you and everyone in your home are COVID-19 symptom free or anyone close by
  • Frequently cleaning objects and surfaces that are touched regularly by you or any 3rd party
  • Regularly hand washing and use of hand sanitizers
  • Limit the access needed in other parts of your property, if we are working in that room
  • Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, that you have used
  • Following the latest guidance on social distancing
  • Use your own PPE, Maintaining 2 meter social distance as far as possible
  • Identifying any vulnerable members of the household and discussion of ways to reduce contact. Work should not take place should anyone in the household is being shielded.
  • Informing decorator / R Pro decorators, immediately of any symptoms from any household members / you, that now require isolation.
  • Identifying safe areas for access to drinking water, hand washing and bathroom facilities.
  • Maintaining clear communication should things change during duration of the work.

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