Technical Advice

How to use a Tester paint pot. Click on link to find out how to use a test pot of paint, helpful guide

Make the correct choice of colour for your project - At the Dulux centre, they have a machine which can make a Bespoke tin of paint for you. They will need to scan the colour you like with a size of a 2 pence peace area or bigger.


R Pro Air Extraction

R Pro Decorators sometimes were we can, use a air extraction fan to keep the air fresh - helping to circulate fresh air to the working areas.

R Pro decorators family of dustless sanding kit Mirka

R Pro Decorators has spent allot of money and time on some of the best tools in the industry, making the preparations dustless, cleaner air, no mess and an even smoother finish when applying paint. Ask R Pro decorators for more details. Watch the sander in action with R Pro Decorators click here

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