Our Services? As a small professional painting & decorating company based in Bournemouth. We have been over 15 years experience and a long list of clients who have returned to us time and again for assistance on a variety of projects over the period.

We have worked on projects ranging from minor repairs and making good to decorating and refurbishing bars and clubs and providing a bespoke service for larger houses. No matter how large or small, we give our utmost attention to the quality of finish that is required for every individual job.

We pride ourselves on carrying out work to a high standard and offering a friendly and reliable service. We personally check the quality of finish with every job, ensuring our work is of a high standard.

Fully Certified Services

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Saving time & money

R Pro Decorators will help dispose of empty paint tins Free £0, saving you time and money, when applicable on a job for the customer, for the correct disposal of empty paint tins only. R Pro Decorators is participating in a Recycling scheme not only to improve the environment, also to help the correct processes of disposing of empty paint tins. We always strive to help customers and the environment.

Painting is an easy way to update a room, but often you end up with a lot left over. Leftover paint can be hazardous, as it contains materials that can leak into the ground, cause physical injury to sanitation workers, or contaminate septic tanks. R Pro Decorators can only process the empty paint tins if the terms and conditions are followed and met, you can ask us more in person about this process.

Latest Painting Technology

R Pro Decorators invests in the latest painting technology and systems. Making the area more clean, safe and customer friendly. We use a professional dust extraction machine whilst sanding where possible for any jobs we undertake. Making the air, area cleaner which is nice for anyone with allergies or keeping the area more dust free.

Professional Photography

R Pro Decorators offer a professional photography service in 4k ready resolution and high specification rate giving you a quality photo image at the end of the process, which can be used if and when you may be selling your property, giving that professional look to potential buyers or clients as it’s always important to make the first look count and could help you sell your property a lot quicker.

We want to help you get the most from your photographs. Commercial photography is what we do, it’s what we get out of bed for. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for then please just ask.

The Complete Team of other professional trades

The R Pro Decorators Complete Team.

Need more than just one trade for your project?

Here at R Pro Decorators, we can organise all trades to assist with your project, to help keep worry and stress minimal for you. Many customers don’t realise the in-depth decisions and schedules needed to keep a project moving and flowing smoothly.

All contractors used by R Pro Decorators meet the required standard and finish set by R Pro Decorators themselves, ensuring the best possible results, and have worked alongside R Pro Decorators on many projects including personal projects. The contractors we use are well experienced and have sound knowledge in their industry. R Pro Decorators can arrange the following trades:

  • Painting & Decorating (Dulux select)
  • Plasterer
  • Plumber / Gas Safe
  • Electrician
  • Bricklayer / pointer / patios
  • Tiler
  • Carpentry
  • Carpet/Flooring
  • Waste Disposal
  • Window / glass Replacement
  • Builder clean / end of project
  • Gardening
  • Silicone

So if you want to use us for a large project where we can provide you with not one but more services, which makes it easier for you to manage and deal with rather than having multiple companies working on different things all at the same time.

References for our work can be found at Dulux / checkeratrade any many other reviews or you may request a customer reference from us by emailing



Painting & Decorating

R Pro Decorators Accreditation

R Pro Decorators is registered as an official Dulux Select Decorator
To achieve this Accreditation, Dulux only accredits you, when the high-level Dulux assessment is passed in person with an assessor (Dulux Select Decorators are then reassessed across a 3-year cycle however, members may be subject to re-assessment at any time ) to make sure the work is to a high standard of painting and decorating.

R Pro Decorators offers a full range of painting & decorating services, which covers both commercial and private, as well as internal and external projects, but we don’t just do painting solely and you can see a full list of our services on the other pages of this website.

Our Residential services are aimed at homeowners who want a professional decorating service which is completed on time and to a quality of the highest standard. Also, our Commercial Decorating Services are ideal for business owners who want a reliable, high quality and professional service and our years of experience allow us to offer just that.


  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes / Rest Homes
  • Public Services (Surgeries / Dentists)
  • Bars & Night Clubs
  • Schools

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